Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Moist Almond and Citrus Drizzle Cakes

After noticing the best before date on the eggs in my kitchen was the 4th Feb, I decided I'd better use them up. I really fancied making a lemon drizzle cake (so tangy and sweet!) and remembered one I made months ago which had ground almonds in the recipe. I looked on the Good Food website for the recipe but alas! the website was down for maintance. I got a complete bargin with the ground almonds for this recipe, 30p for 200g!

So I came up with this adapted recipe for fairy cakes :)
- 110g Butter/Spread
- 110g Caster Sugar
- 2 Eggs, lightly beaten
- 60g Ground Almonds
- 60g Self Raising Flour
- Zest of a Lemon
- Zest of an Orange
- Few drops of Almond and Vanilla extracts
- Juice of a Large Lemon
- 2 Tablespoons of Granulated Sugar
- Preheat your oven to 180C or 170C for fan ovens.
- Using an electric whisk, cream the butter, caster sugar and zests together.
- Once creamed and fluffy add the extracts, almonds and eggs, beat together.
- Once combined fold in the flour.
- Spoon into cake cases(about three quarters full) and bake for 20 minutes.
- Once cooked mix the lemon juice and granulated sugar together, stab the cakes with a cocktail stick and spoon some of the lemon juice mixture over each cake.

These are best eaten warm.

Hello, and a Refreshing Salad

Hello anyone who's reading this! My name is Jess and a lot of my cooking revolves around trying to be frugal. Lots of my ingredients come from the reduced section of the supermarkets and I enjoy turning my finds into interesting and tasty meals.
I'm also trying to improve my presentation of food and my ability to take nice pictures of it. So any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Moroccan Orange Salad
This is a lovely simple recipe to get my blog started off. This salad is ideal for a low cal pudding or a light summery breakfast. Here I've used some juicy navel oranges I got that were reduced to 49p for a bag of 6! And my other bargin was a mint plant for 15p in Tesco.
- 2 Oranges per person
- A few drops of Rose Water
- Fresh Mint
- Cinnamon

The method is very simple, Cut the skin and peel off the oranges and then slice so you end up with circular pieces of orange. Then arrange them on a plate, sprinkle a few drops of rose water over the oranges, grate over some cinnamon and finish with fresh mint leaves.